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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with any major Denomination?

No, we are not. However we do network with other churches in the Aurora and Fox Valley area, and with various churches in other states. Our leadership team meets with other leadership teams on a monthly basis for the purposes of fellowship prayer and input. This enables all the men of the various churches to be accountable to each other and to stay true to the great commission the Lord Jesus has given us to “share the Gospel and make disciples of all the nations.” (Matthew 28:18-20)


Who’s the Pastor?

While we have no “one man” in oversight; we believe in the function of a plurality of Elders or collegiality of Elders who are free to function under the direction of the Holy Spirit in their individual gifting to help equip the Body of Christ. This is so each person may be presented to the Lord “complete in Christ”. The elders meet on a weekly basis and are accountable to each other, other “seasoned” elders from other churches with many years of experience and wisdom that God has given them.


Do you believe the Holy Spirit still works in the Church today through the gift ministries as in the days of the early Church?

Yes, we believe the Lord Jesus has given the baptism of the Holy Spirit to those who ask in faith believing and that the gift ministries of the Holy Spirit are still in operation as in the days of the early church for the building up of His church.


Do you have any Children’s ministries?

Yes, we have Sunday school for children pre-school age to teens. We also have a children’s church time for five and under during the sermon time.


What is your average attendance?
We average 45-50 people on a regular Sunday. We are a Body of believers that are close, loving, and we desire to reach out to anyone who desires to develop a close relationship with Jesus Christ.
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